WTP Baby / Mini Engine

Technical details:

Good old known WTP engine refreshed for season 2022/2023!

Easy to mount, easy to set up, end most robust engine in the industry is available again.

This engine is “the first” engine of many drivers over the years and still the first choice for entering in kart sport.

WTP 60 is NOT CIK-FIA Homologated engine!  It is used in many Academy, Club sport and karting schools all over Europe and USA.

All parts on this engine are clearly marked with WTP logo and any kind of manipulation on engine is visible instantly to anyone and this is the main point why this engine is loved in club sport, they are ALL THE SAME!

With Dellorto carburator practicly there is no settings to go wrong with..  Silencer is integrated in exhaust and it requires no electrical systems. Air cooled, rope started, simple as it can be.

2 screws on chassis and one pipe for fuel is all you need to start the Karting adventure with your kid or your Academy team.