Kart TAG Engine L4

Technical details:

L4 is TAG (Touch and Go!) engine designed to last…   Equipped with electrical starter and centrifugal clutch, water cooled with external pump it is designed to give a driver instant response to throttle pedal. It is valid alternative to Rotax engines for club sport use and hobby drivers. This engine was absolute winner in TAG category in USA.

L4 engine is about to be retired after many years of dominance at USA SCUSA , and probably replaced with new development of Seven TAG Engine but support will be continued for it. It is still available to anyone who like to have real racing engine with intake to carter and not to cylinder. Utilizing Dellorto 30mm carburetor  L4 is easy to set-up and almost maintenance free engine.

All parts still in production, engines also available up on order.

Max power output: 33 PS

Max revs: 16.000

Bore: 54

Stroke: 54,4

Electro starter, centrifugal dry clutch and water cooling