Kart KZ engine L9A

Technical details:

L9A is the latest and the greatest engine designed and produced by Motori Seven in Cesena. All experience and track feedback for last 30 years are integrated and compiled in to this engine. Combined air – liquid cooling ensures the super light build along with many industry inventions like super soft gearbox results in the top performance. This engine is successor of L3at and we all know that L3at was the only engine on the market with homologation longer then 15 years. Engine is designed for paddle shifters OR classical 30 years old shifting lever. For the first time in history of Seven we will have standard engine and special one. Standard engine is factory optimised for hobby and club sport use (super easy to carburate with only 2 atomizers and one needle along with few main jets). On the other side High-End version “Racing Blue” will impress every pilot with its power and torque. In Racing version user can select the cooling scope and engine is optimised for a race, true race. Engine have new homologation starting from 2023.

Rated power :  50 HP

Rated (optimal max) revs : 13.600

Bore: 54,00

Stroke: 54,4

Carburetor : Dellorto VHSH D30

Counterbalancing shaft: YES

Intake valve : Reed Valve

Water / Air cooled 2 stroke engine

Gearbox with 6 gears