About us

1978 – The owner of Motori Seven Oscar Benedetti designs and builds his first kart engine. Thus was born the counter-rotating tandem 125cc twin-cylinder that successfully participates in numerous races in Italy.

1980 – The first single-cylinder 125cc rotary valve kart is built.

1982 – A second twin-cylinder was built but, after the first races, it was abandoned as the sporting authorities decided to forbid twin-cylinder engines.

1992 – Having the F.I.K established the new national 125 category for lamellar engines, together with the brothers Davide and Marco Martini, the MAR-BEN engine is created which competes in Italy with mixed success.

1995 – The first SEVEN 125 lamellar engine called “SEVEN L” for the ctg was born. FC international.

1998 – Following the establishment of the category INT 125 ICC Seven approves the SEVEN L1 98 model which competes throughout Europe with good results, winning the GP 125 ICC Monaco Montecarlo with the Hungarian rider Bakos as well as the Austrian and Australian championships.

2001 – Following the new FIA homologation, Seven created the “L2” engine which participates in the European championship   collecting 3 podiums with the Austrian driver Andreas Shrangl and the Norwegian Martin Stenshorne. In 2001 the D1 model was then created,   for the C formula, with rotary valve admission.

2002 – In view of the new homologation, SEVEN has developed a new, technologically advanced engine, equipped with a balancing countershaft. The only one in the 125 ICC category with this feature.

2003 – During the year 2003 the SEVEN designed and produced first L4 TAG, presenting it and delivering it to its customers at the beginning of the following year. It is also the year that with the pilot Andrea Giacobbi, the Seven wins the Italian Championship cat. 125 ICC.

2004 – In April 2004, the deliveries of the single-speed L4 TAG began, achieving great sales success and great customer satisfaction both from a technical point of view and from a performance point of view, also obtaining excellent results in the field of competitions. SEVEN in the summer of 2004 also began to develop its own pneumatic exhaust valve system.

2005 – Following the good performance of the L4, SEVEN developed a new engine on the basis of the single-gear model, but equipped with a two-speed gearbox, automatic clutch and electric starter. Thus was born the new 125 L5 M.A. TAG 2 gears. In November the first 175 L5 with a power of 45 HP was produced by SEVEN, delivering the first engine to Mr. Marco Morini of Faenza.

2007 – It is the year of the motorcycle debut. First motorbike completely designed and produced in house. The totally new engine is called L6 A, built in the categories 50 -70- 80. The frame, brakes, rims, seat, tank and fairings are Seven production.

2008 – A GP 125 engine is designed which, suitably modified, can also be used in the motocross and karting championship.

2009 – Seven was engaged in the construction of the 80cc bikes with 17 inch wheels for the new category F.M.I., the 17 inch rims are also made in house and its sales begins.

2010 – 2010 is the green year of ecology for Seven. we designed and produced 5 prototypes of 20Hp electrical engines with 6 speed gearbox. This product was made for a company involved in the world of clean energy. At the end of the acceptance tests, production and sales will continue starting from 2011.

2012 – The innovative ideas expanded into other sectors using our experience and know how in fluid dynamics and, in collaboration with the architect Ennio Pasini, experimentation began in the construction of a small wind farm capable of developing up to 1 kW of energy in any place.

2013 – Year of the “Fast Rent”. The first rental kart dedicated to drivers who would like to experience the world of racing with 2 stroke hi revving engines with 2 gears was completely built in house and delivered to track, Seven rental era starts here..

2014 – The great project of the 4-cylinder 500cc 2-stroke engine of our friend Christian Polverelli, used for the construction of a 500 GP Replica, was created thanks to the support of Oscar Benedetti, owner of Motori Seven, and this monster engine uses, in all the parts that generate power , components designed and manufactured by Motori Seven.

2016 – Motori Seven is dedicated to the creation of the Seven L7 engine, a 125 6-speed with a power of 35hp dedicated to the pre-gp 125 motorcycle.
The first 3 prototypes are made but then production is stopped as the category is suddenly eliminated by the motorcycle federation. Another example how federation blocks development and any new and fresh idea to be realised just like killing rotary valve projects just 6 months after accepting new homologation for those exact systems.

2017 – Important investments during the year allow us to participate in various projects for other brands in sectors other than the world of karting and speed bikes. We design and manufacture cylinder kits for Vespa and Lambretta and thus open the doors to all those who need 3D design and modeling for foundries.
However, development in the karting sector has never stopped and during the year a new version of the L3 engine comes out for all our drivers with numerous technical innovations.

2018 – We prepare 50cc displacement motocross bikes with satisfaction, both with L6 gearbox engine and with a prototype engine, single speed and equipped with variator. The development achieved with CAD design systems and Fem analysis lead us to achieve successful results.

In collaboration with Battellini Motors we take care of all the 3D design of the 125cc air paramotor. We will bring several innovations in this field, including an exhaust valve … never made before in paramotors.

2019 – This is undoubtedly the year of the novelty that the kart sector has been waiting for for some time. Seven L8 is the first engine in the world designed for 80cc displacement karts for kids from 12 to 15 years old.
The success is unmistakable right from the presentation and from 2020 there will be the official category in collaboration with BirelArt.
Design, modeling, manufacturing and assembly are 100% made by Motori Seven.
During the year, we actively participate with modeling and manufacturing to create the first prototypes of the BM125 paramotor, presented at the famous Coupe Icare fair.

2020 – L10 is born!. First variator engine from the house. Small engine with a lot of power. Variations of 50cc and 80cc are in production, and we are working hard on design of L9! New 125cc KZ engine. Serial production of our paddle shifters have started.

2021 – L9 is here! first casts are ready, starting to work on cnc programs for machining the parts for L9, preparing for first tests on the bench and first fire up. We have also registered EU domain for our customers outside Italy and prepared on-line shop with all spare parts for all of our products.

2022 – L9 is alive! Bench test continues along with some track tests, some other important products for industry are cooking up in our brewery involving some electronic components.

2023 – To be continued…