TAG 175ccm 2 Gear L5 Engine


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175 ccm sounds scary by default, a lot of power and a lot of torque. Centrifugal clutch in oil bath along with gearbox with 2 gears ensures nothing but FUN !

Available as 125ccm and born as 2 gear 125ccm alternative to DD2. L5 is simply the beast. TAG operation (electric starter) and centrifugal clutch ensures maximum reliability providing the driver with all

available comfort in Karting sport, huge piston with 2 rings paired with 175ccm volume provide monster performance to this unit.

Simple gear change using paddle shifters allows  both hands on wheel all the time and ensures the goal for this engine which is pure adrenaline fun!

Engine can be mounted on any KZ chassis, power is delivered thru 428 chain to rear sprocket  ensuring  the possibility of adjusting final drive depending on the track.

Motori Seven is RACING ENGINE factory so this is full blood racing engine and it can be also extra tuned for performance. Default setting is for hobby use and it is designed to take punishment’s from

not experienced drivers providing enough power to putt smile on any stone face 🙂

Optional this engine can be converted to “rental” use of special rental karts  providing fun which can not be compered with regular 4 stroke rental engines.

Another unique product from Motori Seven