Paddle Shifters for KZ


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After using a lever for 30 years we have decided that it is time to retire it.

Paddle shifters are designed for maximum driving comfort and therefore for maximum driving performance. Every 100 fraction of a second counts in high end sport and since we are producing racing engines since 1978 we have found some 100s of the second first time  outside of the engine !  Both hands on wheel while shifting and braking! means more control, more smoothness and therefore more focus and precise steering resulting in gain of those 100s. We have developed a complete MECHANICAL solution for gear change and clutch using paddles. Since it utilize no electronical components it is 100% LEGAL in all CIK-FIA races. Experienced drivers who have tested this system have asked always the same question, Why we have this now??  why not 10 or more years ago?  Answer is simple, technology now allows us to have cables and components that can work reliable. We have tried this solution many many years ago resulting in failure of components and we give up since we did not wanted to put our name and tradition behind this product since it was failing. Now things are different, now we are proud to stand behind this product with our name and tradition since we have done so many test and all was success. It works. It is stable and comfortable solution. System can be mounted on ANY CHASSIS and on almost ANY ENGINE!  We have tested many setups along with TM SGM VORTEX and other respectful manufactures always resulting in success.  If you know how to change engine on your kart you will be able to install this system also. There are many videos on Youtube about this product and installation guides.

Every open-minded driver who have tested this product have stick to it and don’t consider to use 30 years old lever again..