KZ Junior 80cc! NEW!!


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New category !   KZ Junior!

The real racing KZ engine with 80ccm 6 gears, Dellorto 24mm, paddle shifters and lot of power!

Latest development from Motori Seven for drivers who are “to big” for TAG and still not old enough for KZ category.

This engine is ideal for preparation to enter KZ Category, your driver will learn how to drive KZ engine before it enters a jungle of KZ..

Designed with recognizable Seven style engine is robust, carburation is super easy to set up (factory settings works in all conditions and if you don’t like you don’t need to touch the carburetor at all)

and it will provide a lot of learning experience for mechanic and driver as a team.  Intention is not only to be a engine used in period of jump from TAG to KZ but also as hobby and club sport engine.

Following this idea from Seven Easykart group (Birel) have designed also chassis for this category. Engine can be mounted on ANY chassis 30 or 32 mm and Category requires rear Brake ONLY.

In club sport and hobby set-up many customers use this engine on standard KZ chassis with front brakes.

Technical details

Rated power :  25 HP

Max rev : 13.000

Bore : 47,00

Stroke: 46,5

2 stroke water cooling

Intake valve: Reed valve

Ignition with fixed advance: Selettra

Carburetor :  Dellorto VHTS 24

Gearbox: 6 gears –  paddle shifters