KZ Engine L3 Titan 2021


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Racing engine with latest development technology implemented. High performance, stabile and easy carburation settings ensures the hustle free usage over the years.

This is currently the best engine Motori Seven produces and it compiles all experience since 1978. Available for paddle shifters set-up and old traditional shift lever.

Attractive and robust optical design along with “retro” look is what makes this engine perfect sleeper on the track, with this engine it is all about performance and not the looks, all we care in Motori Seven is fact and chrono, different colors of clutch cover are not important to us at this time. 🙂

Engine have active homologation for FIA races.

Technical details:

Rated power (may vary due to carburation conditions) :  49 HP

Rated (optimal max) revs : 14.300

Bore: 54,00

Stroke: 54,4

Carburetor : Dellorto VHSH D30

Counterbalancing shaft: YES

Intake valve : Reed Valve

Water cooled 2 stroke engine

Gearbox with 6 gears

Homologation download available


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Weight 37 kg